Juneteenth ~ Say what?

Happy Juneteenth, however we white people may or may not celebrate it. Of course the Emancipation Proclamation was about two and a half years earlier. Can you imagine being a slave in Texas when one day Union troops come to town saying black folks are free?

“Says who?” asks a suspicious black man.

“Why none other than President Lincoln,” a Union officer responds.

“But I heard someone say Lincoln was shot dead?”

“Well, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation before he died.”

“When did he do such a thing?” the perplexed black man asked.

“Well, actually, it was about two and a half years ago,” the Union officer sheepishly answered.

“Two years ago? Why in the hell did it take so long to let us know? Here we’ve been free for more than two years and nobody bothered to tell us?”

“Sorry about that,” the Union officer apologized, tipping his hat while signaling to his men the need for a quick exit from what was an increasingly embarrassing situation.

~ by Russ Allison Loar
~ © All Rights Reserved

Uber Al Fresco

The comfort of a limo with the thrill of a convertible. Caution is advised when reclining seats while vehicle is making sharp turns in busy intersections. Not recommended for freeway driving.

~ Words and Photo by Russ Allison Loar 
© All Rights Reserved

Poetry Class

“Nothing beats an 18-year-old pair of hips.”

It’s from a poem. Her poem. That blond-haired girl in my college creative writing class, reading her poem out loud, a poem about her love of sex, of having sex, preferably with lean 18-year-old boys at the zenith of their sexual energies.

Within a few days of her recitation I noticed she began coming to class with the professor, a man not quite twice her age who evidently was quite willing to submit his hips to her critical assessment. 

Yes, they had definitely paired off, but unfortunately, the academic quarter came to an end before she had a chance to construct a poem about this new sexual experience.

But why should I let that fact limit my own imagination?

You Are Not My Daddy

Yes, you are not my daddy.
Yes, you are not my boyfriend.

Oh my God,

~ © Blond-haired College Girl

There’s nothing like a college education to expand one’s imagination.

© All Rights Reserved

Kids Need Discipline!

The school board Tuesday night unanimously approved
the death penalty for dress code violations.

~ by Russ Allison Loar
~ Photo by Paul and Lora Guajardos
© All Rights Reserved